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Verb “To Be” in Simple Present Tense [Lesson]

What is Simple Present tense?

The Simple Present tense is concerned with the actions that people do habitually. It can be used with all verbs in English language. However, in our lesson today, we are going to start with the verb be in simple present and we will explain how it can be used as compared to the Arabic version of it.

The verb be in Simple Present:

Affirmative form

I am

You are

He is

She is

It is

We are

You are

They are

Negative form

I am not

You are not

He is not

She is not

It is not

We are not

You are not

They are not

Interrogative form

am I …?

Are you……?

Is he…..?

Is she….?

Is it ……?

Are we……?

Are you …..?

Are they…..?

Quiz 1 – Verb “be” in Simple Present

In this quiz, you are required to choose the right answer. Once you choose your answer, click on Next to move to the other sentence. Please make sure you check your final result. 

I will also be happy to respond to your queries if you do not understand anything in the quiz, just leave your email and I will get back to you.

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