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How to Learn English Language Easily [ Steps ]

Let’s go into the heart of the matter. How to master these three keys to progress effectively in English?
Are you ready ? Let’s go !

Structure your environment to be automatically in touch with English every day.

The idea is that you use the motivation to acquire the habits that will remain, even when this motivation of the beginning is blunted. You can have English anywhere in your life, to plunge your brain in this language automatically, so effortlessly.

For example, did you know that you can change your Facebook account settings to display in English? It’s very easy, just select it in the settings. This is done in two clicks from the home page. From now on, every time you connect to Facebook, you will practice some English.

I invite you to do the same with your smartphone. If you have an iPhone for example, it’s very easy. Just go to Settings -> General -> Language and Region and change the language to English.

Do the same with your computer. You have to go to the settings. At first, this will require you to do some research in the dictionary to understand everything, but it’s worth it! Do not feel discouraged if it sounds tiring at first, you’ll get used to it quickly.

If you play video games, you can also change the display language of your favorite games.

Another idea that will put you in English ears: set your clock radio on an English station! If you have a smartphone, use a clock radio application instead of the default alarm. You can then choose an English station to wake you up. For example, you have the Sonio app on iOS, but there are many on all platforms.

Think in English

Also try to think and speak to yourself in English. Whatever you can think of in your daily life, try to think of it in English. It may seem difficult at first. Indeed, your thought will necessarily be more basic in the new language, because you control it less than your native language. The speech will be less precise, less evolved, less nuanced. Well, too bad! We must keep the beginner’s enthusiasm, like a child who discovers and has fun!

Read books and comics in English

Find authors whose writing makes you travel in the world of imagination.
Is there an English author that you particularly like? Ken Follett? J. K. Rowling? Arthur Conan Doyle? Read it directly in English! Just go to Amazon in the “English Books” section. If you can not find, go to amazon.com  and buy it.

Think also about public libraries and media libraries. Most offer entire shelves of books in English. This worth the pain !

Do not neglect too, reading comics. The production in English is just as rich and varied as the production of comics in French. The advantage of comics is that the images make it easier to understand. If you’re a fan, go for it!

Read and learn about the culture of the country you are interested in. Discover customs, habits, national sports, parties, etc. It is an opening on the essential culture to understand the way of thinking of those who speak the language you are learning.

Movies and series in VO

The big question with films and TV shows is whether to put subtitles, and if so, in which language.

The best is to put the subtitles so that you can understand at best. If you do not understand anything without subtitles, then put them on. At first, it will always be more positive than doing nothing. You will always be able to see the movie or series again, by changing the language of the subtitles, and again without subtitles at all if you get there. The important thing is to do according to your level. If you do not understand anything, it will be less effective than if you put the subtitles.

English TV – yes it is possible

Look in the English TV program, and use the Filmon.com site or application to watch British TV. I describe all this in detail and step-by-step in this article.

Your best friend: The Internet

Subscribe to the blogs, subscribe to the forums corresponding to your interests. Do some research on Google, subscribe to YouTube channels of English classes, there are dozens!

Use Podcasts

Enhance your English thanks to podcasts.

Podcasts are a must for listening to English every day. It exists on all subjects, much more in English than in French. On politics, history, culture, personal development, sports, even English classes! Do a search based on your passions, and subscribe! Most are free.

Check this link for some podcasts: https://www.fluentu.com/blog/english/esl-english-podcasts/

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