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Best Ways To Develop and Improve Pronunciation in English

Best Ways To Develop and Improve Pronunciation in English

If you start recently learning Shakespeare’s language, you probably do not know where to start.

Indeed, there are many ways to learn English. In this article, I show you the 3 best methods to learn English that you can use right now for an effective result.

Learn English by watching series

I always repeated that again and again (and again), learning English with series is really effective!

You will progress quickly while enjoying your time. (The series helped me a lot to learn English, I’m still watching one episode a day).

Why learn English with series?

There are many reasons why you should study English by watching your favorite episodes of The Big Bang Theory:

  • First, you enjoy yourself when you watch a series; it is the moment of break.
  • You will repeat English naturally and unconsciously without much effort!
  • By watching a series, you listen to English every day.
  • You will learn to speak as a true American / English by learning common expressions and vocabulary.
  • Finally, when you watch an episode, you listen to English language. Your ear will start to distinguish sounds and you will make fewer pronunciation errors.

This is very important because English language is a language that does not sound as it is written!

  • The first 2 weeks, I advise you to watch the episodes with sound in English and subtitles in your native language.

You will learn a lot of vocabulary and your ear will start to get used to the sounds of English language. Concentrate on the actors’ voices to get used to your ear.

  • Then, for about 3 weeks, you will watch your favorite series with sound AND subtitles in English. You will make a lot of progress because you will be in a 100% English atmosphere.

You will not understand everything and that’s normal. When you learn a language, it’s impossible to know all the vocabulary at once.

We all have the habit of having perfect things, but to learn a language it is completely normal to make mistakes (mistakes will help you a lot to evolve).

  • Finally, you will not use subtitles anymore. This is a very important phase because you will have to evolve to understand what the actors say and it will be done with the help of … your ears!

You will distinguish better and better the words and learn at the same time their pronunciation.


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